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Department Business and Economics

Data Management: Design and Use of Operational Information Systems

Module: Modul 8a-d: Business Informatics I
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Richard Lackes / Carsten Decking
Scope / Credits: 4 SWS / 7,5 Credits
Course type: Lecture and exercise
Language: German
Date and place: Mondays (L) CT Zentralbereich - HS ZE 01 - 12-2 p.m.
Tuesdays (E) Otto-Hahn-Str. 12 - E.003 - 2-4 p.m.
Beginning: 17 April 2023
Exam: Written exam

Content overview

Information and information systems have increasingly become essential production factors for companies. The basis for this is the provision, collection and use of data. On the one hand, operational data management has the task of systematically and efficiently providing the data required for all operational processes and decisions. This requires suitable data models that systematically document, summarise and structure all information needs. Data models are used to design databases as the backbone of modern information systems. The implementation and use of relational databases requires knowledge of the database language SQL. Furthermore, data management takes care of the targeted use and evaluation of operational data by building data warehouses, using data mining tools and distributed systems. In the course of digitalisation, the potential of big data must also be recognised and used for operational processes. This also requires sensible data management.

Learning objectives

The course "Data Management" teaches the functionality and conception of database systems and how to deal with them. Students learn about the development process from the "data perspective", acquire the ability to develop adequate views of the data of information systems with the help of data modelling, to distinguish good solutions from bad ones and to work productively with the developed information systems. Furthermore, they learn the basics of the database language SQL, knowledge of which is indispensable for the flexible use of modern information systems.

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