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Department Business and Economics

Knowledge Management and Data Mining

Module: WI IV: Business Informatics IV
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Richard Lackes / Julian Sengewald
Scope / Credits: 4 SWS / 7,5 Credits
Course type: Lecture and exercise
Language: German
Date and place: Tuesday 12 am-2 pm: OHS 12-E.003 (Lecture)
Wednesday 10 am-12 am: SRG 2.008 (Exercise)
Beginning: Tuesday, 17.10.2023
Exam: written exam

Content overview

Knowledge Management and Data Mining: These two aspects gain more and more importance in the age of information in order to generate competitive advantages with the help of methods of knowledge planning, (automated) -acquisition, -transfer and -use. Business intelligence methods" play an important role in this context, especially in the area of decision support for corporate planning and management. The course is intended to convey the application possibilities of methods of knowledge management in the enterprise as well as the function mode of data mining procedures, which occupy a subrange of the knowledge management. In the context of knowledge management methods for knowledge planning, acquisition, transfer and use are discussed, in the context of data mining methods for automatic knowledge generation from large data sets.

Learning objectives

Selected methods from the method building set of business informatics are presented and learned and applied by means of practical applications. In particular, the following competences are imparted: Imparting knowledge on the functioning of data mining methods, on the basic application possibilities in the context of business planning incl. discussion of their application limits, on project planning of the application in business planning incl. discussion on economic efficiency. Development of a feeling for application potentials of data mining and knowledge management.

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